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Tom Hanks will appear on the screen in a new World War 2 movie after 4 years. The trailer of Greyhound, about the struggle of a submarine crew who served in World War II, starring Tom Hanks, was released.

Tom Hanks returns to World War II after 22 years after Saving Er Ryan. Hanks will be on the screen this time as a naval officer. The trailer of Greyhound, adapted from the 1955 novel The Good Shepherd, was released today.

In the new movie of Hanks, a submarine named Greyhound was assigned to protect its allied forces consisting of 37 ships during World War II. But the task of protection passes harder than expected. Allies encounter Nazi submarines in their land waters. In Greyhound, he joins the fight at the front of the front.

Tom Hanks is not only the lead actor of Greyhound, but also the screenwriter. Hanks has been working on this project since 2016. The events in Greyhound are based on real events, but the submarine and crew are completely fictional.

Some of Greyhound’s shots were made on the USS Kidd ship, which was used by the USA during World War II and now used as a museum. An important refurbishment was made in USS Kidd for the shooting of the film. The USS Kidd Museum, which has been experiencing problems for a long time, has reached an important aid in this way.

Greyhound will take viewers back to the days of the naval war of World War II. The published trailer of Greyhound, in which he wrote the screenplay and starring Tom Hanks, also offers the audience plenty of sea fighting scenes. Greyhound will be released on June 12.

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Greyhound trailer:


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