Trailer, the rival of TikTok in which Donald Trump sweeps


TikTok is the queen, the number one of the viral applications in 2020. But the app from China has encountered a wall that has impacted its success in the West: The United States, a country that has declared war on TikTok .

In fact, its leader Donald Trump threatens a veto in the USA of 90 days, 3 months that would clearly wreak havoc on the good numbers of users it now has.

TikTok outside the US

In the Executive Order signed by Trump last week, the still president – will he be reelected in November? – orders TikTok to sell US assets in 90 days, citing national security concerns, warning that he has “credible evidence. “that ByteDance” could take action that threatens to harm the national security of the United States. ”

In the middle of the campaign for reelection to the presidency of the United States, Trump has decided to use the Triller app for his campaign. But what is Triller?

Activated in 2015, Triller is an app that is already 5 years old, but it is now that its popularity is skyrocketing due to the veto on TikTok. It is an application available for Android and iOS mobile phones, a music video social network with a very similar operation to TikTok, but with an element that is what has made Trump decide for it: It is based in Los Angeles ( United States), on North American soil.

Triller, the rival of TikTok

Triller is used to create “professional-looking videos” using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to edit the content recorded by users. In addition, it allows you to choose between 50 filters to modify the appearance of the videos, and insert songs to convert the videos shorts in musicals, as well as personalizing videos with text, drawings and emojis, as well as collaborating with friends on group videos and sharing videos on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, SMS, email or saving them to the camera roll.

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According to USA Today, the first Trump campaign video released in Triller had almost 1.2 million views as of noon yesterday, Sunday, August 16. In the 15-second video, Trump says he’s a “tech pro” and “no one can do it like me.” No one”.

Apparently, the account was created (and verified) on Saturday, as reported by the media, including Fox Business. Trump had about 5,900 followers on Triller as of Sunday, the app shows, and posted two other videos about alleged Democratic nominee Joe Biden.


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