Trailer, release date and why watch the new Netflix series


The Netflix transmission platform is unstoppable with the number of premieres that each week brings to subscribers’ screens. The new series, Behind His Eyes, arrives in a few hours and here we tell you everything you need to know and why you should see it.

Behind His Eyes is a psychological horror thriller that will premiere on Netflix and fans are counting down the hours to enjoy its first season.

Netflix plans to launch the first installment of Behind Your Eyes worldwide on February 17, and it will arrive with a total of six episodes loaded with extreme suspense.

The new series of British origin produced by Netflix, follows Louise (Simona Brown as), a single mother whose romance with the psychiatrist named David, becomes weirder when he meets his wife Adele, becoming deeply involved in their lives.

Trailer of the new Netflix series: Behind your eyes

Plot behind your eyes

According to the streaming platform, the series Behind Your Eyes is described as an unconventional love triangle that quickly turns into a dark psychological tale of suspense and twisted revelations. Louise is trapped in a dangerous web of secrets where nothing and no one is what she appears to be.


The three main roles in the new Netflix series are played by British stars Simona Brown as Louise, Tom Bateman as David, and Eve Hewson as Adele.

Behind their eyes, it comes from the hand of its creator Steve Lightfoot who has written and produced previous credits on Hannibal, turning the new series into a twisted thriller.

The Netflix series is a television adaptation of the hit 2017 book of the same name written by Sarah Pinborough. Without a doubt, everyone is waiting for the premiere of Detrás de sus ojos which will have an irresistible nightmare plot.


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