The Trailer of Psychological Horror Game Those Who Remain Released


An extremely solid game sounds for the players who love the type of psychological horror. A trailer for those who will be released under the name Who Who Remain has been released. In addition, the release date of the game was announced as May 28, 2020.

In these days when we close the ready house, we all turned to entertainment vehicles such as movies, series and games. Players who have already finished many games in the industry are after new games. A new trailer of Those Who Remain has been released that will please the players who love the horror genre.

The game, which will be released on May 28, 2020 for PS4, Xbox One and PC, will allow you to struggle to escape from monsters with a first-person camera. The game, developed by Camel 101, will be published by Wired Productions and WhisperGames.

Those Who Remain Trailer

The game, which will make you feel the tension as well as the horror type, will take the players to the town of Dormont. As far as we can see in the trailer, a monster made up of some body parts like hands and feet will haunt the players and we will try to escape from him throughout the game.

According to the first statements made, there is no information that Those Who Remain will be released on platforms other than PC, Xbox One and PC. Still, if success is found on the platforms to be released, it is thought that it will come to Nintendo Switch.

Due to the horror games we have started to see less recently, Those Who Remain may be a game that many players have been waiting for a long time. The broadcasting company has not made a statement about the price of the game for now, but if we consider that the release date is close, a price will be announced soon.


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