Trailer of Monster Hunter Rise, Espadã and Transmachado


The launch of Monster Hunter Rise is approaching and Capcom is not missing the opportunity to show even more details of the game to its fans. This time, the highlights are two gameplay trailers focused on two more weapons: Espadão and Transmachado.

Also known as the Greatsword and Switch Ax by those who played previous English titles, these are some of the most popular weapons in the franchise. So, of course, I couldn’t help but wonder how they are in the Nintendo Switch exclusive.

Espadão can be seen in the trailer above and keeps all the features we knew from other games. It remains one of the game’s heaviest and most damaging weapons, which although it has simple combos, it can still be very difficult to handle for novices (and even some veterans).

Transmachado can be enjoyed in all its glory in the video above, where you can even see some really cool combos that make the weapon look easier to use than it really is. For those who do not know, this is also a somewhat heavy weapon that requires a good knowledge of the player to be used effectively.

Capcom had shown the gameplay of other weapons before, including the light and heavy Fuzilarco. Therefore, it is believed that the company will display more details of all weapons in the game until its launch on March 26 on the Switch.

Comment below telling us what you think of this new game and what your weapon of choice in the Monster Hunter franchise games (extra point for those choosing the Insect Glaive)!


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