Trailer of 499


Due to the coronavirus epidemic, 499 trailers were published in the program of the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival, which was postponed indefinitely.

One of the film festivals that was affected by the coronavirus epidemic that caused many films and festivals to be postponed was the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival. The festival, which is planned to be held between 15-26 April, was postponed indefinitely within the scope of the measures taken to prevent the epidemic. However, the festival management, who wants to put the festival in a certain way, announced that online screenings of some films will be organized for press members and industry professionals.

One of these films, which was included in the program determined before the cancellation decision of the Tribeca Film Festival, was 499 signed by Rodrigo Reyes. The experimental production of 499, which is intertwined with documentary and fiction, was expected to make the world premiere in the documentary section of the festival, but when the festival was canceled, the premiere of the documentary was postponed to a later date.

499 Participating in the Program of Tribeca Film Festival Follows a Conkistador Circulating From Today’s Mexico

499, directed by Mexican American director Rodrigo Reyes, who has previously received films from both Tribeca and the Sundance Film Institute, follows a conchistador that emerged in modern-day Mexico in the 500th year of the conquest by the Spaniards. In the film, which carries a story where the past and today are intertwined, on the one hand, the inhuman acts that the Spaniards have made contact with the peoples whom they contacted many years ago, on the one hand, the stories of the victims of violence and the families of the murdered activists through the conchistador’s journey in Mexico today.

Conkistador Eduardo San Juan BreƱa, who we witnessed on his journey throughout the film, plays. You can watch the trailer from 499, which is the subject of curiosity how the Tribeca Film Festival will premiere after its cancellation.


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