The trailer of Nolan’s very interesting new movie, Tenet, has been released.


Christopher Nolan Tenet, the director of famous and award-winning films, will do it. The trailer of the movie was released yesterday and it managed to surprise the internet world in a short time. The Tenet film of the director, who came across with the structure that did not fit in the molds, was one of the films reflecting the structure that did not fit in these patterns. So what does Tenet say?

Christopher Nolan will confuse Tenet movie
First of all, the Tenet trailer was shown to the enthusiasts to be shown hourly at one of Fortnite’s in-game concerts before it was officially released. Fortnite gives live concerts in-game with “Party Royale” and giant simulations of singers are well integrated within the game. We don’t know what kind of a deal is between Fortnite and Christopher Nolan, but the movie was shown there for the first time.

Fortnite, as you know, has attracted attention with its collaboration with popular movies and TV series. Epic Games, which made a deal with Star Wars last year, showed a video from Star Wars just like Tenet in Fortnite. He also had gigantic concerts with famous singers such as Marsmallow and Travis Scott. The Travis Scott concert had reached 12 million people.

Let’s go to the official trailer released for those who missed this trailer in Fortnite. As seen from the trailer, the movie draws attention with its action-packed scenes. The star names already in the cast are also important factors in increasing this action. Empty roles include John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Dimple Kapadia, Michael Caine and Kenneth Branagh.

While some scenes are normal in the movie, there are some scenes that cause confusion. While watching a normal car chase scene, you can see that the accident vehicle moves in the opposite direction. So there is an accident, but not actually. The accident takes place and is reversed, the vehicle turning over, suddenly returns to its original state. Other similar scenes follow this very interesting scene.

The bullets squeezed by the lead character practicing shooting on a scene in the trailer takes its place in the magazine when it is fired instead of going to the target. In some sections, this kind of reverse time flow is observed. In a fight scene, you see a man falling down on the ground while the fists are flying in the air and going up and down from where we stand towards the gun. Indeed, for these situations that are very difficult to explain, Nolan must really be applauded for standing.

According to the normal plan, the movie will be screened at the same time with the world on July 17, 2020, but it is still among the speakers that a decision to postpone may come.

For those who are interested in Christopher Nolan’s Tenet trailer, we welcome the following video:


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