Trailer for Tales Of The Walking Dead Reveals 6 New Stories in the Spin-off Show

AMC is teasing Tales of the Walking Dead in a new trailer for the upcoming anthology-style spin-off. “The Walking Dead” and their previous apocalyptic spin-offs “Fear the Walking Dead” and “The Walking Dead: The World Beyond” are all examples of serialized storytelling. But the newest spin-off will break stereotypes by presenting six unrelated stories taking place in the TWD universe.
“Tales of the Walking Dead” was really teased early on as a chance not only to tell new one-off TWD stories, but also to resurrect dead characters from other shows. And that promise will actually be fulfilled, as one of the new “Walking Dead” stories will focus on Alpha, the villainous character of TWD’s Samantha Morton, who infamously died at the hands of Negan. But the other five stories of “Tales of the Walking Dead” will actually focus on previously unseen characters played by a variety of actors, including familiar faces Terry Crews, Anthony Edwards, Parker Posey and Olivia Munn.
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The new adventures of these previously unknown characters, as well as the further adventures of Alpha, are indeed shown in the new trailer for Tales of the Walking Dead, just released by AMC. Unsurprisingly, various zombies also appear to remind everyone that this is really a show set in the TWD universe. Watch the heartbreaking clip below:
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Among other things, the new clip seems to tease the appearance of Alpha’s daughter Lydia, although in this prequel story she is much younger, and therefore she is not played by Cassidy MccLinsey from TWD. It’s also somewhat surprising to see that the clip apparently spoils the death of Posey Blair’s character, who can be seen in one shot clearly bitten by a zombie on the neck in a way that would seem to be definitively fatal. Perhaps the most intriguing are the brief shots of the clip with Crews and Mann, who star together in the same episode as characters named Joe and Evie. The cast of the show also includes Gillian Bell, Poppy Liu, Danny Ramirez, Daniella Pineda, Jesse T. Asher and Embeth Davidz.
On the one hand, “The Walking Dead” may risk breaking with tradition and following the path of an anthology. But, on the other hand, it can be argued that TWD has long been outdated and needs a serious shake-up of its own format. It remains to be seen whether one-off stories will prove attractive to fans of The Walking Dead, who over the years have become accustomed to continuous story arcs and repetitive situations. “Tales of the Walking Dead” will present zombie stories in the style of an anthology when it premieres on AMC on August 14, 2022.