Trailer for Disney+ spin-off “Cars” Reveals Mater & Lightning on the Road


In the spin-off of Disney + Cars, “Cars on the Road”, a new trailer has appeared, which tells that the Master and Lightning McQueen will hit the road together again. The premiere of the first film of the franchise “Cars” took place in 2006, when the long-standing friendship of the Master and McQueen was born due to the fact that McQueen was stuck in the hometown of the Master, Radiator Springs. Since then, the couple has experienced several other adventures described in the films “Cars 2” in 2011 and “Cars 3” in 2013. The “Cars” franchise added the 2013 spin-off “Planes” to its arsenal and collected more than $1.7 billion.

Owen Wilson will reprise his role as McQueen along with Larry the cable guy, who has returned to voicing the Master in the upcoming Disney+ spin-off. In the series “Cars on the Road”, nine episodes were written by Steve Purcell, the screenwriter of the Disney cartoon “Braveheart”, and the producer was Pixar. Purcell also directs episodes of the series along with Bobby Podesta, the lead animator of Wheelbarrows, and Brian Fee, the director of Wheelbarrows 3.

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Disney+ presents a new trailer for “Cars on the Road”, in which the Master and McQueen go on a cross-country trip to attend the wedding of the Master’s sister. Mater says in the trailer: “All the bumps on the road — that’s what it’s worth living for.” The trailer teases that Mather and McQueen will definitely encounter some obstacles on the road, including a carnival with flying and flipping cars, a Mad Max-style arena, and even a haunted mansion full of ghost cars. Apart from these dangers, the two will also make new friends along the way and spend some time having fun at pit stops such as Cartaceous Garden, which has a maze of tires. The full trailer for “Cars on the Road” can be viewed below:

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Cars on the Road offers a chance to see how the Master and McQueen deepen their friendship in another adventure. The series also takes us back to the origins of the franchise, focusing on the importance of everything that happens between races, not the races themselves. Who will voice the role of the Master’s sister, as well as who can be guests of the series in the form of various cars on a journey, is still kept secret. We hope that the series will continue the trend in the “Cars” films to attract several actors from the list of the best to its supporting cast, such as Tony Shalhoub, Paul Newman, Michael Keaton and Michael Caine, and these are just some of those who appeared in the films.

The series seems to have a lighter tone than in the latest movie of the franchise “Cars 3”, but this does not mean that the Master and McQueen will not face another set of obstacles. Rather, the series offers an opportunity not only to focus more on the character of the Master due to the impulse of the road trip coming from the Master who needs to get to his sister’s wedding, but also to focus on another type of challenges that accompany driving through unknown terrain, as opposed to professional driving a racing car. Viewers will have to keep following the casting news and other news related to “Cars on the Road” ahead of the September 8 premiere date on Disney+.


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