Trailer for David Harbor’s Santa Claus movie Violent Night Drops


We have already seen how David Harbour demonstrated serious stunt work in the role of Hopper in “Very Strange Things”. Now we have a chance to see him and his fist fights again as Santa Claus of all roles in the Christmas black comedy “Cruel Night”. After the trailer for this unique Christmas movie came out, the reaction led to a lot of eager tweets.

Expect a beating this year when you watch David Harbor’s new holiday role in “Cruel Night.” While Santa Claus has never been sexually attractive in movies before, this action movie-style version of Santa could change that as people have been posting things like this tweet.

The creators of Cruel Night really said that we know that David Harbour is a sex icon, so let’s give everyone a Santa kink this season with the help of powerful marketing of dirty seasonal puns, and ts… I respect them for that.

The following post prompted the user to say that David Harbor’s performance as Santa may cause some restless fantasies about a night’s sleep. It makes me wonder if fans have had the same dreams after watching Kurt Russell’s sexist Santa Claus moments in The Christmas Chronicles.

If I have an inappropriate dream about Santa tonight, I place full responsibility on David Harbor.

A wild tweet forced a fan to create a video that is likely to make viewers eager to see this fiercely dashing Santa Claus. Who would have thought that seeing a white-bearded man covered in his own blood licking a lollipop would become the Christmas fantasy of the year?

In a private tweet, one user from the LGBT community admitted that after seeing the 47-year-old actor in his hot new role, she thought about changing the team. Oh, David Harbour, how you unexpectedly affect the minds of innocent fans with your ass-kicking moves.

David Harbour, as Santa, is actually doing something to me, but as a lesbian, it’s shocking and embarrassing.

The following photo tweet shows a side-by-side image of a cheerful Santa from Violent Night on the left and a more violent Santa on the right. This photo was followed by a series of hilarious responses from Santa, whom we had never seen before.

In one reply, Harbor was told exactly where he could visit this Christmas. Can we add it to the list of the best Santa Claus movies already?

he can go down MY chimney.

Another hilarious response to this tweet convinced this user to add something new to his Christmas wish list. While it may not be on the wish list, this 2022 movie release is something we can all add to our watch list this year.

I think now I know what I want for Christmas 😍 🥵

Another greedy fan response is the question of how Santa suddenly became sexy. As we can tell from a number of these tweets, what used to be our perception of Santa is no longer.

Now, why am I finding Santa hot right now.

So, David Harbour has stirred up the Internet and absorbed the desire to see this new version of Santa Claus in the style of an action movie. Get ready to crave it even more when “Cruel Night” opens in theaters on December 2.


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