Trailer for BLACKPINK, Light up the Sky


BLACKPINK is set for their comeback with “The Album” and the premiere of their first Netflix documentary “Light up the Sky”.

YG’s girl group has achieved success in just four years of history, the girls have conquered BLINK with their catchy singles and all their gilr power. Thanks to the support of their fans, they are about to embark on a new journey that ends with the era of “Kill this Love”, in search of new records and goals, they will also premiere “Light up the Sky” as part of their new projects.

Through their official social networks, BLACKPINK revealed the trailer for “Light up the Sky,” their Netflix documentary that is scheduled to premiere on October 14. The streaming platform describes the K-pop group as artists who have broken records, but they had to go through a rough journey to do so.

In the first preview, BLACKPINK shares with their fans the behind the scenes of their career, the video that lasts more than a minute and a half, shows the different emotions, thoughts and anecdotes that the group has experienced in these years, which although they are few, they have been enough to make them successful.


“Light up the Sky” will showcase the K-pop group’s work within the studio, as they share ideas in the process of each song. It will also show individual interviews where Jisoo, Rosé, Lisa, and Jennie will confess their deepest and most emotional emotions as Korean pop idols, because although they have found BLINK’s support and a great friendship between them, it was not easy for either of them.

Rosé shares the pain of missing her family, Jisoo admitted that she was about to give up before BLACKPINK, Jennie is surprised that they went so far and never imagined that such a thing would be possible and Lisa demonstrated her talent during the recordings of her album. The Netflix documentary also portrays the impact her presentation had at the 2019 Coachella Festival.

The feature film will also show BLACKPINK’s life in the bedrooms, how four girls have managed to create a strong bond that helped them fulfill the same dream, videos of their travels during tours, encounters with fans, as well as images from their past during his childhood and his days as trainees.

“Light up the Sky” will be released on October 14, just 4 days after the release of “The Album.” BLACKPINK will also reveal unreleased scenes behind their recordings and concerts. Are you ready for the revolution?


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