Trailer date announced for Dune movie


The release date of Frank Herbert’s first trailer of the feature film, which will be adapted from the Dune novel in 1965 to the big screen, has been announced. The production, which also inspired the Star Wars series, includes career stars from each other.

The first trailer date is determined from the Dune movie

Dune, who met the reader in 1965 from Frank Herbert’s pen, was adapted to the cinema several times before, but it was not possible to reflect the science fiction world in the book. According to the news of Screenart, this time we will say hello to the first trailer of the production that Denis Villeneuve will sit on the director’s chair next August. This time, expectations from the production, which previously failed to be adapted, are quite high. Because the movie’s cast includes impressive names such as Javier Bardem, Jason Mamoa, Josh Brolin, Oscar Isaac, Timothee Chalamet.

As a story, Dune, who is on the desert planet Arrakis, where the Atreides family tries to protect and protect the most valuable resources, tells the story of Paul Atreides. This resource called spice offers a long life and good consciousness to the consumer, but it also brings together many side effects. A trap is set up for Paul and his family by the Harnoken family who want to take control of this resource and the Planet. After this trap, the family disperses and becomes deserted. While the main hero Paul struggles for his family to regain control of the planet, he describes the possibility of changing the destiny of the entire universe.

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The first trailer of the upcoming Dune movie has arrived

It is a matter of curiosity whether there will be a postponement due to the coronavirus epidemic that caused major disruptions for the Dune Film, which will be released in December 2020. Warner Bros. has been silent for a long time for the film that was distributed. However, with the trailer to be released in August, it is expected to disrupt this silence strongly.


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