Traditional investors’ interest in cryptocurrencies is increasing

According to a survey, the results of which have been shared on March 31, leading trading managers think that especially large businesses and traditional investors in the business world have increased interest after the current decline of cryptocurrencies.

According to the report and survey results published by Acuiti Management Intelligence Platform, nearly 100 new ventures that will offer cryptocurrency purchase services for institutional investors have been released to meet this interest of traditional investors.

In the survey, it is seen that especially the service providers on the sales side outperform 17% of traditional buying and selling companies and take the lead in this change for cryptocurrencies. Despite this, cryptocurrency adaptation rates seem to be limited to CME and Bakkt.

The vast majority (57%) of crypto money companies offer Bitcoin trading services. In addition, it has been revealed that companies with 29% of derivative service provide Ethereum trading services. XRP, on the other hand, was the fifth most popular cryptocurrency in the eyes of the corporate participants in the survey.

The conclusion to be drawn from the survey result in general seems to be that the decrease experienced in fact created an opportunity for traditional investors to enter cryptocurrencies.

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