Trading Legend Knowing Every Step of Bitcoin


Trading legend Peter Brandt recently evaluated the Bitcoin market. The veteran analyst explained why Bitcoin’s last monthly close is so important to the market and investors.

Performed the second highest monthly closing in bitcoin history!

Bitcoin (BTC), the leading cryptocurrency, has recently risen strongly and broke levels one by one what analysts call critical resistance. Bitcoin continued its upward trend due to significant developments throughout the month. Towards the end of the month, the leading crypto currency Bitcoin broke a historical record. Bitcoin soared from $ 11,000 to over $ 14,000. Also, Bitcoin made this monthly closing at $ 13,816.

“Bitcoin Has Not Been Realized Yet!”: Crypto Money Analyst

The $ 13,816 level is a monthly closing target for the leading cryptocurrency, unprecedented since December 2017. Bitcoin has realized the second highest monthly closing in its history with this monthly close. Master analyst Peter Brandt, who knows every step of Bitcoin, drew attention to this important development in his last statements. Peter Brandt explained why a few days ago, citing a significant monthly close on the charts of Bitcoin.

Trading legend Peter Brandt: This monthly closing is very important for Bitcoin and the market!
Peter Brandt states that the month-end closing level of cryptocurrencies is very important because financial institutions evaluate their assets when the month ends. Last week, Peter Brandt mentioned that month-end closures are important for institutional market participants. Also, the successful analyst acknowledged that the percentage of Bitcoin in his portfolio is not enough.

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