Tradeo in FIFA 22: Tips And Tricks To Earn More Coins In FUT


FIFA 22: We will tell you how trading works in FIFA 22. Knowing the FUT market is a way to fatten your coin portfolio by exchanging items. FIFA 22 celebrates a new year its featured game mode: Ultimate Team. To achieve success you not only need skill, but also a team to accompany you. Force back and hammer up; anyone is not worth. To improve it is necessary to dominate the transfer market, make the auctions work in your favor. This technique is called trading, which works with the objective of finding the cards at the best price to obtain profits by reselling.

FIFA 22 tradeo in two keys: search and sale

Trading in FUT is a matter of knowing how to handle the market filters. During the search you must manage to find the player with the most flow in purchase price; the sale, on the other hand, occurs by looking at the same factor, only to the high.

We will talk about the search. To begin with, if we are looking for a player we must know how to read the real market prices. Many players skip the bids as they are global and have the risk of losing it. What we will do is focus on the Buy Now price. In the search filters we choose the player and we will put as the maximum price the lowest value that we have seen in a normal search.

Let’s give an example: If Gareth Bale has a Buy Now price of 1600 coins, we will set the maximum filter to 1400. We will search every second until the results appear; if we’re the fastest, we’ll get it. So with any player. The market works at the moment thanks to the number of users who buy and sell per day. It is a fierce fight to achieve your goals.


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