Trackpad for iPhone and iPad keyboard in texts


IOS brings a number of useful, but not always so commented, shortcuts. One of these cool shortcuts is the ‘trackpad mode’, which promises to make typing and editing long messages and texts on your phone easier.

This shortcut was added to the system on iOS 12 and was released for all devices at exactly the time when Apple was failing to adopt 3D Touch. Basically, it allows you to navigate to specific points in a text, without having to erase entire words to correct any small errors and the like.

How to use trackpad mode

Enabling trackpad mode on the iPhone or iPad does not require additional settings and is still compatible with other keyboards. But, in case, your device needs at least iOS 12 installed to use the function.

In this quick tutorial, we use the system’s native keyboard – both on iOS and iPadOS the operation is the same. Knowing this, here’s how to activate and use trackpad mode:

type text in any area of ​​the system: in the search, messages, in the Notes application, browser

tap and hold your finger on the space bar until all keys disappear (it takes about a second to happen)

move the cursor across the keyboard, navigating with your finger, and when you find an edit point just take your finger off the space bar

The shortcut is enabled by default on Apple devices. It performs better with the native keyboard, as it allows you to freely browse text. Using third-party keyboards, such as Google’s Gboard, navigation is limited only to the sides.


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