Traces of Samsung’s new wireless headset seen


Samsung is said to be in preparation for a new Galaxy Buds series of headphones. Examining the APK of the Galaxy Wearable application, the Android Police site discovered the traces of the new wireless headset called Galaxy Buds 2.

The Galaxy Wearable app functions as a bridge between Samsung’s wearables and phones. The Galaxy Wearable application is updated every time the company introduces a new product to support this product. Therefore, the thought that Galaxy Buds 2 is on its way sounds quite logical.

Android Police’s review shows a wireless headset codenamed “Berry” that can connect to multiple devices. The names of Galaxy Buds Live, Galaxy Buds Plus and Galaxy Buds Pro are also seen in the APK file. This indicates that the codename “Berry” belongs to a new phone.

Lines of code reveal that Galaxy Buds 2 can also be connected to devices not manufactured by Samsung. What is known about wireless headphones is currently limited to these.

When the Galaxy Buds 2 will be released is currently unknown. However, the fact that Galaxy Buds Pro is a relatively new product suggests that Samsung will not be in a hurry.


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