TPMP: René Malleville disgusted, he left the show in tears!


On the set of TPMP, René Malleville showed his annoyance with the chroniclers. He made the decision to leave the set in tears.

Remember. This Wednesday, November 18, René Malleville hastily left the TPMP plateau. The latter was annoyed by the remarks of his columnists.

Yesterday evening, the latter decided to explain himself to his rivals after spending the night ruminating in his corner. He took the opportunity to announce some great news.

In fact, the latter announced live that he was leaving Cyril Hanouna’s show. Two days ago, the latter spoke to praise the prowess of Didier Raoult.

And the latter therefore provoked a laughter in Jean-Michel Maire and Benjamin Castaldi. A reaction that greatly hurt the columnist.

Faced with this, the latter left the plateau of Touche not at my post. Later that evening, he took to social media to express his fed up.


Last night, the 73-year-old columnist announced on social media that this was his last appearance on TPMP. “Good evening Cyril, I’m sorry but tomorrow is my last day. Tired of this asshole Castaldi and Jean-Michel. If you weren’t there, they would be nobody. At first, come on, it was a hazing, but now it’s okay, “he said. And that’s not all.

So he went on: “I’m 73, I’ve had a hectic life, respected by everyone, I don’t come on your show to be taken for a jerk. In Marseille, they idolize me but start to wonder what the hell I’m doing here. I have a family, a wife, three children and five grandchildren who have had fucking hate, I’m not telling you. I prefer to stop before doing something stupid (…) I prefer to stop there! “, Wrote René Malleville on Twitter.

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Jean-Michel Maire never imagined that it would have taken on such proportions. Yet René Malleville was hurt by the attitude of his comrades.

In tears, he explained, “I talked to my family a lot. With my wife we ​​chatted until 2 am, who was crying like madeleine. I thought it was a hazing, joke. But I’ve been here for two and a half months and that’s enough, ”he said before announcing his departure.


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