TPMP: Jean-Pascal Lacoste slips from cod to Sylvie Tellier


Jean-Pascal Lacoste violently clashed Sylvie Tellier on the TPMP set last night! He even called her a cod … Ouch!

Singer Jean-Pascal Lacoste made his own last night on TPMP! Indeed, he insulted Sylie Tellier and it hurts.

We know the character and one thing is certain: he has no tongue in his pocket! From the first season of Star Academy, we saw how much character he could have!

Thus, Jean-Pascal Lacoste with his big mouth but also his sensitivity had conquered the hearts of viewers. Bet won for him!

The singer has come a long way from Star Ac ’! Indeed, after L’Agitateur in 2002 and several occasional appearances on TV, he joined Cyril Hanouna’s band on C8 this year!

In other words, he is very happy to have Jean-Pascal Lacoste on his team! At the same time, the latter sets fire to wherever he goes… Like last night with Sylvie Tellier!


Why so much hatred between Jean-Pascal Lacoste and Sylie Tellier? We explain to you!

It turns out that Jean-Pascal Lacoste is dating Sylvie Tellier’s half-sister. Something that the director of the Miss France committee does not like, even that she does not endorse at all!

Indeed, she would have cut ties with her father’s daughter because of that… Ouch!

Cauet therefore asked Miss France 2002 to react to the accusations of her half-brother-in-law. So she said, “Family stories are very dense, I’m part of a blended family, my mum and dad separated when I was very young. My daddy has rebuilt his life and had other children, and it turns out that Jean-Pascal is dating a young woman who is my daddy’s daughter. Unfortunately, I don’t have the pleasure of seeing her often, I know her very, very little, I wish them both the best of luck together. ”

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The columnist didn’t like that answer at all and said fiercely, “It’s great because she doesn’t know me. Me personally if I had seen it I would remember it because you never forget a cod, well at home anyway. ”

Anyway, L’Agitateur really doesn’t like his half-sister-in-law!


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