TPMP: Jean-Michel Maire is back completely transformed!


Monday August 31 was undoubtedly a date marked with a hot iron by many viewers. This represents Touche’s return to my post (TPMP) on C8 after several months of absence. The opportunity for fans to meet Cyril Hanouna, Benard Montiel, and even Jean-Michel Maire.

Moreover, the latter has made a lot of talk on the Internet. For what reason will you tell us? Did he make a daring joke or say something stupid again? No, actually, it was his look that made Twitter people react.

Because yes, fans of TPMP have undoubtedly noticed it, many columnists appeared changed around the table. Eh in particular Jean-Michel Maire. Kelly Vedovelli, meanwhile, seems to have lost a lot of weight.

Something that “Baba” noticed by letting him know that it suited him very well. On the other hand, with regard to Jean-Michel Maire, the moderator of TPMP seemed much more dubious.

He doesn’t seem to really like the new look of this one. A look that you can find further down in this article.


But the PAF troublemaker isn’t the only one who prefers his columnist’s old style. As our colleagues from Public noticed, many tweeters were reacting and “tackling” Jean-Mi’s look.

Although the term “tackle” is still very exaggerated when it comes to the TPMP columnist. Some especially said they preferred it with longer hair: “Frankly it was better before. It’s still going, it’s okay! We have seen worse! Bof ”.

Still, other netizens liked the reporter’s change of style very much. You only have to read the rest of the comments to realize: “But I love it, I find it better like that! I love it: it makes him younger “.

You will therefore understand, the columnist of TPMP has divided a lot on the Web. The most important being the fact that this new look appeals to him and not to others.


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