TPMP: Delphine Wespiser clashed with Cyril Hanouna!


Delphine Wespiser shocks all TPMP fans. She has found Eric Zemmour’s comments rather good for some time and affirms it.

Eric Zemmour has been proposed as “favorite personality of the French”. A choice that surprises. So TPMP deals with the subject with its columnists. And Delphine Wespiser surprises everyone by defending a little the columnist known for his excesses.

Because we know, Eric Zemmour is present on Cnews. And his racist slippages were frequent. The politician does not hide his point of view at all, which causes some problems. Especially with the CSA! It must be said that the comments of the columnist are very violent.

We remember his intervention on Cnews in relation to unaccompanied foreign minors: “They are thieves, they are murderers, that’s all they are (…) All, all, all”. But since then, the channel has decided not to broadcast it live but delayed.

So, Delphine Wespiser surprises everyone when she says she finds the comments of the chronicles “good”. We explain. “I find that Eric Zemmour suffers a bit from his name and his image because at the time he was much more divisive,” she says.


But Delphine Wespiser’s words are not unanimous in TPMP. She continues “there, it softened, it smoothed out a bit. I think he’s fairer … “Cyril Hanouna reacts directly and cuts him off, quite shocked by what he hears there.

“Oh no, it’s just more live! The channel now has time to cut the bullshit he’s talking about! But Delphine Wespiser does not lose her cool and her smile. She finished what she was saying.

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“Anyway what’s on TV, I find Eric Zemmour to be very fair and very good so I understand that he seduces more people than before! “Words very far from being shared by the majority.


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