TPMP: Cyril Hanouna will come to the aid of SDF Ibrahim!


On social media, Cyril Hanouna announced that he would invite Ibrahim to TPMP. It is a homeless man who touched him!

On Sunday November 15, the program Enquête Exclusive by Bernard de la Villardière on M6, broadcast a report on the homeless people who live in the basements of Paris.

Viewers were therefore very touched by the testimony of Ibrahim, a homeless man who lives in poverty in the “slums” of the La Défense district.

Indeed, after separating from his partner, the man lost his home. His ex-wife therefore left with his five children. Ibrahim’s story has traveled the Internet.

So much so that on Twitter many have sought to get in touch with him. This is precisely the case with Hapsatou Sy. So she wrote the following message: “I am looking for Ibrahim. Anyone have their contact please? Thank you for relaying ”.

Moreover ! Internet users have even launched a pot to help him. So obviously, the host of TPMP took this story seriously.


On his Twitter account, Cyril Hanouna therefore announced that he would invite Ibrahim to the TPMP set. Here is the message written on the platform:

“Yesterday evening in #EnqueteExclusive, the situation of Ibrahim, homeless, therefore moved viewers. Tonight, he will therefore be on the TPMP set to discuss his situation. And Cyril Hanouna will do anything to help him! Meet at 7:40 p.m. on C8TV!

One thing is certain, TPMP fans greatly appreciated this invitation. The messages are therefore very positive: “Bravoooooo Cyril Hanouna and to the whole TPMP team”, “Thank you, it’s very beautiful! ”

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“Very well Cyril! Looking at Exclusive Investigation, this gentleman’s situation is truly shocking. So I shed tears, a lot of courage sir “.


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