TPMP completely changes the schedule on C8!


For this new season, there are therefore some new ones and a whole new program. Indeed, TPMP changes time slot.

Especially since the show had to undergo some changes and the crew to attend some starts. Like the chronicler Matthieu Delormeau!

Also, C8 has taken care to change the TPMP schedule since the start of the week. This would respond to several instructions, including compliance with health instructions to alleviate the Covid-19.

It is therefore not a new configuration linked to audience shares. Although these are not the most successful, after all …


Cyril Hanouna, host of the show, therefore connects the airtime with 3 live broadcasts. With Balance your post in the first part, Touche pas à mon post begins at 7.40 p.m.

However, this new recipe does not work very well for TPMP… Indeed, this new config has given rise to some drops in speed for C8.

Thus, the spectators have somewhat stalled between the two parts of TPMP, broadcast from 6:40 pm to 8:20 pm. They were therefore only 234,000 and 240,000 spectators, as witnessed by the audiences.

TPMP therefore displays 1.8% audience share for the first part, and 2.4% for the second. For its part, Take it or leave it, the C8 TV game hosted by Valérie Benaïm only received 387,000 viewers …

Suffice to say that this Friday, September 11 is not the most successful for the channel. Will C8 review its programming schedule?

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