TPMP: Columnist La Leticia Hallyday finds it “immoral”!


A columnist of TPMP unleashes Laeticia Hallyday live, recently in a relationship with the famous actor Jalil Lespert.

If Laeticia Hallyday is gradually reopening her heart to men, she does not forget her late husband. A columnist of TPMP finds it “indecent”!

On October 18 in Sept à Huit, Laeticia Hallyday therefore declared that she “came to love again”.

“The lack is abysmal! We tend to compare so we should not compare. I can love again.

I come to love differently. But, Johnny is still here … It’s brave for a man in my life today …

Johnny’s place is still very much present. We are often a couple at 3 ”. But the rock star’s widow then recently made an announcement.

As you probably know, she no longer shares the life of the handsome Pascal Balland … Laeticia Hallyday thus found comfort in the arms of actor Jalil Lespert!

Yesterday in TPMP, Tiffany Bonvoisin then displayed her annoyance. She finds her “indecent”!

The TPMP columnist has no tongue in her pocket …


Not long ago, facing the microphones of Bel RTL, Laeticia Hallyday announced her break with Pascall Balland.

“There, I separated. A difficult separation from a man who had come into my life. But it was no longer a bandage. ”

Yesterday on the set of TPMP, Cyril Hanouna then announced that the pretty blonde was now flirting with the very famous actor Jalil Lespert.

Annoyed by the star’s behavior, a TPMP columnist then tackled her live. Tiffany Bonvoisin is not going dead hand!

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“Stop crying over Johnny’s grave. It’s indecent, it feels like she cheats on her man every time. “


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