TPMP: Benjamin Castaldi bares the chroniclers in tears!


Benjamin Castaldi ignited the web in TPMP. The columnist did not hesitate to undress and showed his buttocks live.

Cyril Hanouna and his columnists are present every evening of the week in TPMP. Benjamin Castaldi showed his ass to prove to everyone that the show is not boring!

Another slip up for Touche pas à mon Poste! Cyril Hanouna is back on C8 since September with TPMP. The master of ceremonies refuses to stop the show in the middle of the second lockdown. So he wants to bring a good mood every night and knows how to go about it.

Benjamin Castaldi, Kelly Vedovelli and the other columnists always have a smile and it’s nice to see. However, it often happens that there are a few small excesses in the program. Thus, for months, the CSA closely monitors the TV show.

Moreover, this Thursday, November 12, the team was able to set the mood in TPMP. Hanouna asked the columnists a very simple question: “Has TV become too boring?”. The debate got a little heated and even got out of hand.

Benjamin Castaldi has been on TV for a long time and has hosted many reality shows. So the TPMP columnist wasted no time in giving his opinion and went a bit too far.


The former Secret Story host confessed to TPMP that the CSA is getting tougher on broadcasts. So, according to him, stars have to be very careful with everything they say.

“Today we are more careful. Four five years ago you could say bullshit on television. Today if you make a joke it is frowned upon. (…) If it continues like this, we won’t be able to do anything at all. We have a chance, we are still live. “, he said.

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Then in order to mark the spirits as it should, Benjamin Castaldi wanted to undress… and provoked the CSA. He first showed off his “breasts” … and eventually showed his butt live! “I will show my breasts, it’s forbidden! ”

The TPMP columnist unbuttoned his shirt, which made his colleagues laugh. Nevertheless, caught up in the game, the latter ended up removing his pants to do a little strip tease! Cyril Hanouna was laughing out loud and it is clear that the streak did not go unnoticed!


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