TPMP: Admits Covid-19 is a “natural virus”!


Cyril Hanouna spoke about Covid-19 in TPMP. For this, he invited Robert Sebbag, an infectious disease specialist who has answered many theories.

Faced with Covid-19, Cyril Hanouna wanted to answer many questions from the public in TPMP. For this, he invited Robert Sebbag, an infectious disease specialist.

For several months, France has been affected by the Covid-19. The virus has already claimed more than a million deaths worldwide and the French are facing a second wave.

Thus, the country announced the extension of the health crisis as well as a new containment. Nevertheless, fans can still follow Cyril Hanouna every night of the week in TPMP. The master of ceremonies continue to shoot in the studios of C8.

Faced with public concern, Hanouna tries to distract the French. However, he also knows how to talk about serious subjects and wants, like everyone else, to know more about the Covid-19.

Thus, on Monday, November 9, Hanouna received the infectious disease specialist Robert Sebbag in TPMP. Together, they reconsidered the origin of the virus and took stock of the many rumors.


Earlier this week, TPMP highlighted the Covid-19. The fans were able to see a small video which chronicles all the information on the origins of the disease. Indeed, at the beginning, everyone thought that the virus came from pangolins.

Afterwards, rumors panicked the French and some believe that the virus had escaped from a laboratory in China. So what is it really? Cyril Hanouna wanted to make a point on this subject.

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In Quarter Hour Without Filter, Cyril Hanouna interviewed infectious disease specialist Robert Sebbag. For him, it is very important to wear the mask. “The mask is very important, but so are the hands.” he explains.

Then, the infectious disease specialist wanted to warn the French about the many conspiracy theories. “What we are sure is that it is a natural virus, which has not been manipulated.” So he thinks the virus is coming from an animal or is coming from an “escape” of the virus from a lab.

Finally in TPMP, he warned all people who believe in conspiracies. “We mustn’t think that this is something deliberate.”


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