Toyota wants to hinder adoption of electric cars in the US


While several automakers are increasingly committed to expanding the electric car industry in the United States, Toyota seems to want to go the other way.

According to the Electrek website, the company is committed to lobbying the government against the accelerated adoption of these automobiles in the country. The government of President Joe Biden has signaled that he will soon vote on new laws that would expand the adoption of this category in the country, something seen with concern for the brand.

The company’s director of Energy and Environmental Research, Robert Wimmer, testified on a committee of the US Senate and said that taking vigorous measures to drive electric vehicles carries some risks. “If we are going to make dramatic progress in electrification, it requires overcoming tremendous obstacles, including charging infrastructure, battery availability, consumer acceptance and affordability,” he said.

Why is she against it?

According to the report, Toyota has at least two reasons to be against the too fast adoption of electric cars in the US – and they do not involve such testimony concerns, since all automakers deal with the same risks and are willing to help with that. transition.

The main problem is that Toyota would lose a lot of market with this adoption. After all, it has only recently embarked on the all-electric vehicle sector in the United States. In addition, the Japanese brand’s main bet in the alternative energy sector is not electric batteries, but cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells, such as the Mirai line.


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