Toyota to two factories in Brazil for lack of chips


Toyota: Japanese Toyota announced on Wednesday (11) that it will suspend vehicle production at its units in Sorocaba and Porto Feliz, in the interior of São Paulo, between the 18th and 27th. It is the second time this year that the company has stopped to its assembly lines due to the worldwide shortage of semiconductors, although the first time, in March, the justification was to increase social isolation.

In a press release, Toyota explains that the employees of these factories will go on collective vacation, with return scheduled for August 30th. The company claims that the stop is inevitable at this time, “despite all the efforts we have made over time to manage the lack of inputs that affects the global supply chain, caused by the covid-19 pandemic”.

Which vehicles will no longer be manufactured?

In Sorocaba, Toyota produces the Yaris models (hatch and sedan), in addition to the recently launched Corolla Cross, which debuted with excellent sales volumes. The facilities are also the production site for Etios, which went out of production in March, but continues to be manufactured for export.

At the Porto Feliz unit, the company manufactures the 1.3 and 1.5 engines of the Yaris and the Etios, in addition to the 2.0 flex version of the Corolla and Corolla Cross. There, production will be affected only partially, since the other Toyota units in the state of São Paulo, in São Bernardo do Campo and Indaiatuba will continue producing normally.

The interruption in the production of vehicles in Brazil due to a lack of semiconductors also affects other brands. Volkswagen has interruptions in São Bernardo do Campo and Taubaté, while Fiat is producing the Argo, Strada and Mobi in Betim with just one shift. One of the most affected companies, Chevrolet stopped the manufacture of Onix in Gravataí (RS).


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