Toyota Restarts Production at 14 Plants That It Stopped Due to ‘Cyber Attack’


Toyota has decided to halt production at its 14 plants in Japan after its local supplier, Kojima Industries, was hacked. Important statements came from the Prime Minister of Japan on the subject.

Japanese auto giant Toyota has made a big decision today. The company decided to shut down 28 production lines at its 14 factories in Japan after Kojima Industries, a supplier of plastic parts, was hacked. Along with Toyota, Hino Motors and Daihatsu Motor had to sign the same decision.

The company also announced that production will continue on Wednesday, in the announcement that it will stop production lines tonight. The Japanese company apologized to its suppliers and customers in its statement. On the other hand, Kojima Industries, which suffered great damage in the cyber attack, also shared important statements.

Japanese PM: Russia could be behind attack

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida drew attention to the cyber warfare intensified by the Ukraine-Russia war. Stating that Russia may be behind the attack, Fumio said “it is difficult to answer without confirmation”.

On the other hand, Kojima Industries announced in its announcement today that it received a message with a ransom demand and that the existence of the virus was confirmed. Confirming that they were exposed to the cyber attack, the company stated that they do not yet know how big the damage is, and that the priority is to fix the problem and restart Toyota’s production system.

Update: Production resumed, damage taken explained:

Toyota announced today that the problem has been eliminated and 14 production lines in Japan have been reactivated. The company announced that it lost a total of 13 thousand production units due to this short pause in its 14 factories. It was stated that this number corresponds to 5% of Toyota’s monthly production target.