Toyota President: Toyota Restaurant, Tesla is Chief


Toyota President Akio Toyoda targeted electric motor car manufacturer Tesla. Stating that Toyota is a restaurant and Tesla is a chef, Toyoda stated that Tesla still has major shortcomings. Stating that they lost to Tesla in their stocks, Toyoda emphasized that they were ahead of Tesla in terms of products and services.

Toyota President Akio Toyoda held a press conference last weekend. Targeting Tesla, the industry’s number one electric motor automaker during the meeting, Toyoda said that Tesla has yet to create a real business and a real world. Toyoda, who exemplified his statements in very strange ways, likened the automobile industry to restaurants.

Akio Toyoda stated that Toyota is a restaurant with all the equipment, while Tesla is a chef with some recipes. In this context, Toyoda said that they have what Tesla does not have, and that they offer consumers a unique and lacking menu. Tesla, according to Toyoda, is losing to Toyota at this point.

Referring to the figures during his statements, Toyoda said that Tesla has a goal of producing 500 thousand cars this year, but Toyota sold more than 10 million vehicles in 2019. However, Tesla’s financial value is almost twice that of Toyota. Toyoda accepted this defeat, even though he shot Tesla in good places. Saying that they lost to Tesla in current share prices, Toyota president said that when it comes to products, the situation is very different.

Although Toyoda’s statements are remarkable, it is an undeniable fact that the automobile industry is trying to follow Tesla. Industry giants have already begun to replace the internal combustion engines of their cars with electric motors. Of course, Toyota continues to work on this, but the company has been offering hybrid models in most of the markets it has had for several years. To be clear, these tools do not get the expected attention.

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