Toyota Has Found The Way For Mobility Technology!


Toyota, one of the most used car brands in the world, is developing new features; autonomous driving and mobility technology…


Japan-based automaker Toyota accelerated its automatic driving and mobility technologies. The Woven Planet team (a subsidiary of Toyota), working on automated driving, announced that it has acquired Silicon Valley software developer Renovo Motors. Renovo made a name for itself with the autonomous vehicle it supports, the DeLorean Marty, which can drift.

Major automakers are working on various driving technologies. Electric car maker Tesla is just one of them. Tesla’s vehicles with autopilot assist system caused many accidents in the USA. Moreover, there have been fatal accidents.

Toyota reaches agreement with Renovo

The automaker company announced the agreement by making a new statement. However, he did not disclose the value of the deal. Renovo develops automotive operating systems that Toyota deems necessary to develop programmed vehicles. “At Woven Planet and Toyota, we have found partners who are committed to doing exactly what we have always wanted to do on a global scale,” said Christopher Heiser, Renovo CEO. said.

This photo by Renovo/Woven Planet shows Renovo’s fleet of self-driving tests in California. (Renovo/Woven Planet, AP)

Toyota’s subsidiary Woven Planet previously acquired Level 5, the self-driving division of San Francisco-based Lyft. “The big picture is Woven Planet forming a ‘dream team’ of software and vehicle engineers globally to deliver the world’s most programmable and safest mobility,” Chief Executive Officer James Kuffner told the Associated Press. said.

A short time ago, a Toyota vehicle caused an accident at the Paralympic Athletes Village in Tokyo. The bus with automatic driving technology crashed into a Paralympic athlete and injured him. However, Kuffner declined to comment on the matter. The accident is still under investigation. This accident is an example of the hurdles that need to be overcome before autonomous technology becomes mainstream on public roads.


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