Toyota cancels commercials about Tokyo Olympics


Toyota: One of the main sponsors of the Tokyo Olympics, Toyota will not show commercials related to the competition for Japan. In addition, its executives will not be at the opening ceremony of the Games, which takes place on Friday (23). The information was disclosed by the company at a press conference this Monday (19).

In the interview, the communication director of the Japanese automaker, Jun Nagata, explained that the decisions taken have to do with the current situation of the new coronavirus pandemic in Japan. “The Olympics is becoming an event that has not gained public understanding” , he stated.

The executive refers to the high rejection of the Japanese in relation to competition, as shown by a survey by the Asahi Shimbun newspaper. For 55% of those interviewed, the Olympics should not happen, especially when the country’s capital has shown an increase in the number of covid-19 cases, which could even lead to the cancellation of the Games.

Toyota’s decision not to show commercials about the Olympic Games is valid only for Japan, where the company will publicize the achievements achieved by sponsored athletes. In the United States, the brand’s advertising campaign during competitions will not be modified, according to CNN.

Support is maintained

Although it chose not to display ads in the host country during competitions and not participate in the opening ceremony, the automaker maintained its support for the Games. With the partnership confirmed, the company supplied 3,340 vehicles to the organizing committee, which will transport athletes and workers.

One of the models used is the Mirai, equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell, contributing to a reduction in the emission of pollutants. The e-Palette electric and autonomous car will also be present, transporting cargo and people between the Olympic venues.

The automaker is also responsible for sponsoring about 200 athletes, among the participants of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.


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