Toyota, 2021 Model SUV Models


Toyota made important statements for the 2021 models of its SUVs, which many consumers admire. In the statements made for Land Cruiser, Tundra and 4Runner, minor changes and price increases did not go unnoticed.

Consumers have begun to turn to big vehicles, especially in recent years. As such, automakers are increasing their emphasis on SUV models and trying to attract consumers. Now, Japan-based car giant Toyota has presented 2021 model SUVs and off-road vehicles to consumers. Let’s take a closer look at Toyota’s new model vehicles.

Toyota made important statements today for 3 different SUV models. 2021 model vehicles announced by the company; Land Cruiser appeared as 4Runner and Tundra. Toyota seems to have made some improvements to the 2021 SUV models. It is also possible to say that there are small increases in the base price of each model. Let’s take a closer look at Toyota’s new SUV models.

Introducing the 2021 model Toyota Land Cruiser

Land Cruiser, one of Toyota’s iconic SUV models, seems to remain a favorite of consumers who love big vehicles. Last year, the company offered an extremely large interior volume in the “Heritage Edition” version of Land Cruiser. Toyota, which enables more passengers to be carried in the 2021 model version, offers three rows of seats in its vehicle. Also, Toyota’s renewed Land Cruiser will be available this year in new color options.

According to the statements made by Toyota, consumers who want to buy a Land Cruiser will review the 87 thousand dollars. The price of the Land Cruiser Heritage Edition with three rows of seats has not been announced at this time. Toyota says the renewed SUV will be on sale by the end of the year.

The 2021 Toyota 4Runner looks like this.

2021 Toyota 4Runner comes up with some minor innovations. The company has decided to use LED headlights in all 4Runner versions of the 2021 model. In The Limited, Nightshade and TRD Pro versions, in addition to dipped beams, high beams also attract attention with their LED structure. In addition, fog lights in all versions of 4Runner are now available as LEDs. In addition, the company will present another version of 4Runner named ‘Trial Edition’ to consumers this year.

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Toyota has announced that the most affordable version of 4Runner will be $ 37 thousand 460. The two-wheel drive version of the Trial Edition, which consumers will meet for the first time this year, will be priced at 39 thousand 435 dollars, and the four wheel drive version will be 41 thousand 310 dollars. The strongest version, TRD Pro, which overcomes difficult conditions, will be sold this year with prices starting from $ 51,590 with its renewed wheels and suspension.

Finally, the 2021 model Toyota Tundra

Toyota’s 2021 model Tundra is not much different from the previous model. The company has just added a new color option to the 2021 Tundra. However, Toyota Tundra will be on sale with a version called “Trial Edition” just like 4Runner. The Tundra Trial Edition will have options to buy double-traction or all-wheel drive.

The basic model of Tundra can be purchased for 35 thousand 270 dollars. The TDR Pro version of the vehicle will have prices starting from 50 thousand 370 dollars this year. The price of the two-wheel drive option in the Trial Edition version of Tundra is 43 thousand 565 dollars, and the price of the four-wheel drive option is 46 thousand 615 dollars.


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