Toy Story: Where To Watch All The Movies In The Saga?


Toy Story is one of the most beloved animated movie franchises. There are 4 films of great public and critical success, in addition to receiving several awards throughout the saga, including the Oscar for Best Animation – with Toy Story 3 and Toy Story 4 – and also the nomination for the Oscar for Best Picture, with the 3rd animation.

The saga follows the journey of the boy Andy’s toys, who go on several adventures involving the arrival of new toys, house and owner changes, in addition to having to fight for their own lives several times.

One of the strengths of the franchise is the popularity and charisma of the Toy Story characters. Toys Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Betty, Rex, Mr. Potato Head, Jessie, Duke Caboom, Pig and Forky, as well as humans Andy, his mother, Bonnie and her family, and the evil Sid.

Toy Story songs are also always remarkable. Highlight for “You Got a Friend in Me”, “We Belong Together” and “I Can’t Let You Throw Yourself Away” all composed by Randy Newman.

Toy Story shorts

The success of the franchise is so great that the animations did not stop in the 4 movies of the cinema. With the arrival of the Disney+ streaming platform, which makes available the entire Pixar film catalog – of which Toy Story is a part – the toys saga has gained new chapters.

On Disney+ you can watch from Toy Story 1 to Toy Story 4, and also marathon all the short films.

There we have the Halloween special Toy Story from Horror and Toy Story: Forgotten by Time, which features a story of Woody and his friends meeting some crazy action figures.

There is also a trilogy of short films called Toy Story Toons, made up of Toy Story Toons: Vacation in Hawaii, which shows the toys’ hope to set off on a vacation trip to Hawaii alongside Bonnie’s family, Toy Story Toons: A Little Big Mistake, which puts a miniature Buzz Lightyear in place of the traditional hero among Bonnie’s toys, and Toy Story Toons: Festa-Sauro Rex, an adventure centered around the franchise’s favorite dinosaur, Rex.

The Adventures of Betty tells the audience where the character has been between the last time we saw her in Toy Story 2 and before her return in Toy Story 4.

Another Toy Story 4 character that won a series of shorts is Fork, which features several episodes with the improvised doll asking questions like “What is Love?”, “What is a Friend?”, “What is Art?” , “What is Money?”, among other things. In total there are 10 episodes.

And to close, it’s worth mentioning that Toy Story also has an exclusive 2-minute chapter in the Popcorn Session with Pixar series.