Toxic relationship? Mauro Icardi scolds ex-Wanda Naru


That’s it! Footballer Mauro Icardi (29) and his ex-wife Wanda Nara (35) announced their divorce just a few days ago. The couple had a very stormy relationship. Already in 2021, they allegedly broke up because of the athlete’s affair. Then they were together again, but now everything has to end. However, he seems to still have an open account with his ex: because Mauro abruptly shot Wanda on the net!

Mauro has now shared private chat messages with Wanda on Instagram in which she is said to have energetically asked him after the breakup where he was and if he was alone. His caption below says a lot: “If you are lonely or claim to be lonely, but in fact you are toxic!” A clear message to the actress, which he then emphasized with a message in his story: “Do you still want to control my life now?” With this statement, he seems to want to make it clear that his ex-wife no longer has the right to influence his life after the breakup.

Mauro has since deleted the messages, but this isn’t the first time they’ve broken the net. Already at the time of their separation in 2021, Wanda in her story accused the kicker of destroying the family with his infidelity, as well as throwing furious insults. However, so far she has not reacted in any way to Mauro’s current confrontational course.


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