Tower Of Fantasy: Transfer Guide


Due to the fact that Tower of Fantasy is based on gacha, players received a lot of Nucleus for reaching the pre-registration stages and as a token of gratitude for a successful game lunch.

Tower of Fantasy starts easily with SSR Simulacrum, when players use up to 30 attempts at the beginning of the game. Then the Wanderers will face two options. The first of which is to accept the fate of their luck gacha. The second is to rebel against it and throw freely until they are satisfied or pull out their favorite Simulacrum.

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How to make a reroll in Tower Of Fantasy

Unfortunately, the wanderers cannot roll the dice on the same account on which they used all their attractions. However, players have two other options to repeatedly re-receive all Tower of Fantasy awards.

Changing the server

First, the wanderers must exit and restart the game, select a new server they haven’t played on yet, and then re-train the game. To unlock pre-registration rewards and other gifts for newcomers, the wanderers must repeat the quest “Violators of the Ecological Station”. Upon completion of the quest, the game offers the following prizes:

Side by side I:

Vehicle 2613 10x Golden Core

A Pioneer’s Gift:

Reinforcement Glasses (accessories) 1x Gold Nucleus 5x SR Relic Shard Box 8888 Gold


500,000 milestones: 1x Astra Leader (SSR avatar frame), 2x Black Core, 10x Whole Grain Bread, 2888x Gold. 1,000,000 Milestones: 1x Aida Trailblazer, 3x Black Nucleus, 10x Fried Chicken, 4x Weapon Battery III. 1,500,000 Milestones: Zeke: Awakening (Avatar), 3x Golden Core, 10x Sizzling Meat, 3888x Gold. 2,000,000 Milestones: Orion (SSR Jetpack), 3x Gold Nucleus, 10x Crispy Grill Fish, 4x Weapon Battery III. 2 500 000 Milestones: Star Sand (SSR equipment), 4x Golden Core, 10x Nut Tea, 6888x Gold. 3,000,000 Milestones: 500x Dark Crystal, 5x Black Core, 10x Caterpillar Fungus Noodles, 1x Beauty and Beauty Voucher.

Mailbox (additional rewards for the leaderboard):

10x Golden core

Players can roll the roll again after receiving all the gifts and receive their new Tower of Fantasy SSR Simulacrum, guaranteed by soft pity (30 attempts), available only to newly registered players.

Players can choose another server if they have not yet received the desired Simulacrum. Servers are distributed across five regions, a total of 116. As a result, 116 repeated throws are possible: 27 in the Asia-Pacific region, 21 in North America, 30 in Europe, 18 in South America and 20 in Southeast Asia.

Creating a new account

Alternatively, Wanderers can create a new Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Apple or Line account, and then re-launch Tower of Fantasy and start from scratch. To receive all of the aforementioned rewards, players must register with their newly created account on the official Tower of Fantasy website.

Tower Of Fantasy is available on PC and mobile devices.


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