Tower Of Fantasy: the best relics in the ranking


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When Tower of Fantasy sends the remnants of humanity to the promising world of Hades, players create characters who compete for a rare source of Omnium energy throughout the game world. Hailed as a sci-fi alternative to Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy players can gain a quick advantage in their quest for survival by obtaining relics or extremely powerful items containing a variety of positive effects.

Although players can complete the game without powerful relics, obtaining some of them can give them an obvious advantage that will set them apart from their peers. However, for players new to Tower of Fantasy, what relics should they get to become the equivalent of their powerful characters in the Genshin Impact competitor?

Rocket fire

Rarity: SR Type: Attack Type Cooldown: 60 seconds

Tower of Fantasy players will be absolutely delighted with the stunning visual effects of the game, even competing with the cutscenes of Genshin Impact. And for players who want to try out what intensive research might look like for their characters with SSR relics, Missile Barrage is a great SR relic for such a preview.

When deployed, a rocket launcher appears behind the player for eight seconds, after which several missiles appear that hit nearby enemies for eight (8) seconds. Targets hit by missiles receive damage equal to 34.8% of their ATK. And since the Relic has a 60-second cooldown by default, a Rocket Salvo is a great ability that allows you to get additional damage per second between collisions with mobs.

Improvement Effects

With the improvement of the “Rocket Salvo”, players have more opportunities to inflict more damage to enemies. Given the offensive nature of this relic, players may want to improve this relic to match their more aggressive builds.

1 star: release more missiles per second. 2 stars: increased missile damage by 20 percent. 3 stars: The Relic now exists for 12 seconds. 4 stars: Players receive a 1.5% increase in physical damage, even if the relic is not deployed. 5 stars: players launch more rockets every second.

Strange cube

Rarity: SR Type: Attack Type Cooldown: 30 seconds

Tower of Fantasy players can admire the game for its freedom in terms of area effects similar to Genshin Impact attacks, which allows characters to have abilities that actively transform the environment in their favor and to the detriment of the enemy. Those who need a relic that begins to effectively demonstrate such a trait will want to purchase a Strange Cube.

This relic will change the surrounding gravity when deployed. Enemies trapped in this altered realm will receive 100% of the player’s ATK as additional damage, and will also be suspended in the air. After a short time, enemies stuck in this way receive 120 percent damage from the player’s ATK.

Improvement Effects

Players can benefit from the offensive capabilities of Strange Cube through further improvements. With enough power-up, players can devastate entire battlefields with this rather simple-looking cube, which can help players in squads heavily dependent on movement.

1 Star: When deployed, the Strange Cube now increases damage dealt for 10 seconds by 10 percent. 2 stars: When players activate the enchanted cube, the weapon charge of nearby enemies is now reduced by 200. 3 stars: Enchanted cubes can now be used in two ways. 4 stars: Players receive a 1.5 percent increase in volt damage even without deployment. 5 stars: Players receive weapon charges depending on the HP lost when activating the strange cube. Every 1 percent of health lost gives 10 weapon charges.

Universal Shield

Rarity: SSR Type: Protective Type Recharge: 90 seconds

Like fictional resources such as Tiberium in Command and Conquer, Omnium in Tower of Fantasy is a welcome source of energy that has caused widespread conflict in the land of Hades. However, some players can afford the luxury of calling him for help in difficult combat situations. This is courtesy of the Omnium Shield Relic, which is one of the best defensive items in the game.

Upon activation, players gain access to an elegant omnium shield that has 200% of the character’s maximum health. This will take the damage that players would receive from projectiles, protecting players from annoying long-range opponents, giving them space to strategize. Despite the fact that it does not have other effects, unlike other artifacts, the Omnium Shield boasts excellent protection from ranged projectiles, which are difficult to dodge.

Improvement Effects

When upgrading, players can further enhance the protective capabilities of the Omnium Shield. In addition to increased recovery time and overall health, Omnium Shield can provide players with more ways to survive even the strongest opponents.

1 star: Enemies slow down by 50 percent for 2 seconds after they pass through the shield.


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