Tower of Fantasy: Ring of Echos Music Notes Puzzle Solution


While exploring Astra in Tower of Fantasy, players will stumble upon an area known as the Echo Ring. In this area there is a puzzle that is centered around several platforms on which musical notes are displayed when they are jumped on, and you can get a reward for solving it. For those fans who may be puzzled by the riddle of the Ring of Echos musical note in Tower of Fantasy, this guide offers its solution.

Fantasy Tower: how to solve a puzzle with Ring of Echos notes

To solve the Ring of Echos notes puzzle, players must simply jump on the aforementioned platforms in the correct order. To determine the first platform, fans of the gacha game must stand on a metal circle that is level with the ground, and then turn to face the rock on which the platforms are located. Then the fans have to go forward and slightly to the right, and the platform they have to jump on is located between two small trees on the right side of the stone ramp.

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After you step onto this first platform, the next platform will light up, which Tower of Fantasy players must jump onto. To be clear, this second platform is just on the other side of the stone ramp, and jumping on it will make the third platform glow. In fact, this process of lighting up the next platform in the series will continue until the puzzle is solved and fans can fully see the route in the next video.

As for the reward that players will receive for solving the puzzle with the musical note Ring of Echos, the chest will appear on the metal circle as soon as the fifth platform is activated. Inside this chest is a Golden Core, and this currency can be used to buy weapons and characters in Tower of Fantasy. Fans will also receive Astra Exploration Points by opening the chest, and this will push players even closer to getting even more rewards.

After completing the puzzle with the musical notes of Ring of Echos, players can head west to the end of the river, which ends in the Astra Shelter. Indeed, there are NPCs on the north side of this part of the river, and fans of free MMORPGs can get some rewards by answering her questions about the world of Tower of Fantasy. However, giving the right answers to these questions can be a bit difficult, and players may need to make several attempts.

Tower of Fantasy is available on mobile devices and PCs.


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