Tower of Fantasy Preview: A Shared sci-fi world in anime Style


Upcoming game Tower of Fantasy is a unique MMORPG set in a post—apocalyptic world styled like an anime. Although it is often compared to the popular Genshin Impact game, Tower of Fantasy is unique in many ways, especially in terms of customization. Screen Rant attended a special event dedicated to the preview of Tower of Fantasy, where the most important game mechanics were examined in detail.

Tower of Fantasy is being developed by Hotta Games in collaboration with publisher Perfect World Entertainment, which in the past has released multiplayer games such as the Torchlight franchise and Star Trek Online. The title will be a cross-platform game between PCs and mobile devices, which will allow players to keep up with their characters on the go. During the presentation, the developers emphasized their passion for this genre, stating that the title was created by “science fiction fans trying to convey their most sincere work to players in open-world role-playing games.”

Tower of Fantasy offers a huge number of character settings, and the character creator resembles The Sims Create A Sim mode in terms of the level of detail. Players can customize everything from face and eye shape to hair and physique, and the developers mentioned that many players have spent hours in the designer recreating their favorite anime characters to play them in the game. For those who don’t want to spend a lot of time in the editor but want a detailed character, players can upload their custom characters for others to upload.

The action of Tower of Fantasy takes place on the planet Aida hundreds of years in the future. The main conflict of the game is connected with the history of the planet and the Omnium resource. When the society was founded on Hades, structures called Proto—Towers, the namesake of the game, were built to harvest the Omnium. However, soon the Omnium began to turn animals into ferocious monsters, which, in turn, formed two different factions: supporters of the continuation of Omnium mining and opponents of it.

Tower of Fantasy avoids the cliché of MMORPGs with strict character classes — the game focuses on the player’s choice before each battle, allowing players to determine which role, such as healer, tank or other choice, will be most advantageous depending on the group they are fighting. Players can take on the role of one of 10 simulacra — a character that looks like a human, but not a human — who can learn a huge number of different combos and skills, as well as get a variety of different weapons that make their character unique.

Players can use up to three weapons at the same time in a Fantasy Tower battle, each with their own weapon settings and upgrade options that improve things like their ability to destroy enemy shields. The weapon has a “discharge skill”, which is a powerful technique that charges during combat and can be applied once at full power, and allows players to do things like freeze enemies or set them on fire. Along with this, each weapon has unique “resonance effects”, one of which can be activated at a time. They give positive effects to the player and his group, offering benefits such as reduced damage and increased healing. All these elements are designed so that they can be adjusted frequently depending on the overall needs of the group.

In addition to weapons, perfect evasion will trigger the so-called “phantom mode”, which allows players to stop time while they deal with the enemies around them. Players can also equip relics, which are special items that give players unique abilities. These effects can be things that are useful outside of combat, such as flying, or advantages during battles, for example, what the developers called a “mechanical arm”.

The impressive open world of the Aida game consists of 6 separate areas marked during the preview, including everything from a paradise floating island called Cetus Island to a snow-covered landscape called Warren Snowfield. Players can travel through these areas in a variety of ways, including jetpacks, surfboard-like items, and motorcycles. Players will see transitions between day and night, as well as intermittent weather effects, and the game day lasts about 40 minutes.

In addition to battles, there is something to do in Hades. Vehicles are not only designed to move around the landscape — there are also special racing zones where players can compete with each other. Although there are currently no ways to make things like weapons or clothes in the game, cooking recipes can be found and cooked all over the planet. The developers teased that in the future, crafting could expand to furniture that players could use to decorate their homes in the game. The special amusement park will have fun activities for players, such as roller coasters and carousels, as well as mini-games that players can enjoy together with others online.

The multiplayer game is simple, using a set of servers that players can join to find each other.


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