Tower Of Fantasy: How to Get the Voyager Engine


When exploring the open world in Tower of Fantasy, moving from one place to another can be a daunting task, especially if there are not so many spaceports. Fortunately, the game has a special mechanism called vehicles that offer players faster movement.

Voyager is one of the many vehicles in Tower of Fantasy that can be unlocked at the beginning of the game. The Wanderers must assemble several pieces and put them together to get Voyager. One of these parts is the Voyager Thruster engine.

How to Get a Voyager Engine in Tower Of Fantasy

To get the Voyager engine in Tower of Fantasy, players need to find and defeat Four Forces in Navia until one of them resets the engine. However, there is one catch, since the probability of a Voyager crash is extremely small. This means that the Wanderers can either get it right away if they are very lucky, or it may take hours to get the missing piece.

To get to the Tar of the Four Forces, players should go to Spacerift: Raincaller Island in Navia, and then head south. Then they will need to climb a small slope and continue east to find Tar.

Okka from the “Four Forces” is located next to the Pitch. From the last place, players must go south past a group of enemies to fight Okka.

Then the Wanderers must go to the same space drift, this time using the relic of the jetpack in the Tower of Fantasy to go down and to the oil rig. A Hetla of Four Forces will be waiting here.

The last member of the Four Forces is Sendirs, which can be reached by quickly going to the Fantasy Tower Navia Omnium Tower, and then flying southwest to the shore. There is a large horde of enemies in this camp, so players should be ready for this.

If all four are defeated and the Voyager engine is not received, players will need to return to the first space portal and repeat the process, as enemies respawn after a short period of time.

How to get the remaining parts for Voyager in Tower Of Fantasy

In addition to the Voyager Thruster engine, Voyager has three other necessary parts:

Voyager Engine Voyager Hull Voyager Control Station

The Voyager engine can be obtained at some point in the Hyena Bunges Base side mission. After gaining access to the Hyena base in Navia, players must fly up to a higher platform to see the Hyena guard protecting the box. They can then give him two Sizzling Meats that only need one ingredient in Tower of Fantasy to get the Voyager engine.

The Voyager hull can be obtained after completing the Hyena Base side mission in the Fantasy Tower. After repairing three broken lighthouses, players must head to the blue ray in the lake to get to the Ecological Park. Voyager’s hull is located in one of the supply capsules.

To get to the Voyager control station, Travelers can teleport to Spacerift: Southern Mountains in Crown and head southeast to the camp at Seaforth Dock. Now they will want to climb onto wooden platforms and then turn left to find a locked room. Entering the password 3594 will open the Resetting of supplies, which will allow players to get the Voyager control station.

Tower of Fantasy is now available on PC and mobile devices.


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