Tower Of Fantasy: how to get a reward for pre-registration


The long-awaited Tower of Fantasy has finally been released. Before the release, the game had a set of pre-registration stages, which, in fact, the Wanderers overcame all of them to claim many pre-registration awards.

In Tower of Fantasy, players are transported to the distant future to a planet called Aida, where people destroyed the previous civilization out of greed. The anime-inspired aesthetics and customizable character design in the game, along with the unique gacha system, are two important factors that make it attractive to players besides the open world.

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How to get rewards in Tower Of Fantasy

After completing all the necessary tasks, the wanderers must click on the gift icon in the upper right corner of the screen. On a PC, hold down the Alt key to move the mouse. After clicking the gift button, go to the Milestones section on the Special Operations panel. There players can collect all kinds of gifts, including:

500,000 pre-registrations: 1x Astra Leader (SSR avatar frame), 2x Black Core, 10x Whole Grain Bread, 2888x Gold. 1,000,000 Pre-registrations: 1x Aida Trailblazer, 3x Black Nucleus, 10x Fried Chicken, 4x Weapon Battery III. 1,500,000 Pre-registrations: Zeke: Awakening, 3x Gold Nucleus, 10x Sizzling Meat, 3888x Gold. 2,000,000 Pre-registrations: Orion (SSR Jetpack), 3x Gold Nucleus, 10x Crispy Grill Fish, 4x Weapon Battery III. 2,500,000 pre-registrations: Star Sand (SSR equipment), 4x Gold Nucleus, 10x Nut Tea, 6888x Gold. 3,000,000 pre-registrations: 500x Dark Crystal, 5x Black Nucleus, 10x Caterpillar Fungus Noodles, 1x Beauty Beauty Voucher.

How to unlock rewards for pre-registration in Tower Of Fantasy

To unlock pre-registration rewards, players must complete certain tasks. The first step is to register on the official Tower of Fantasy website; otherwise, the promised gifts will not be received. Next, the wanderers must reach the sixth level and complete the quest “Violators of the ecological station”.

This can be achieved quickly during the training, as the first task that players need to complete is to help Shirley fix her previous and present “incidents” in the shelter. Unfortunately, this leads to a malfunction of the Spacerift, which forces Franz to repair it due to the complex infrastructure of the location system.

To find it, the wanderers need to go to a Huge boulder on the other side of the Blue River. There, Shirley decides to help Franz by completing a task he had previously been engaged in, repairing a deconstructor developed by Banges Tech that eliminates the Simulacrum system.

To fix this, you need to go to the Astra Omnium Tower to borrow the Scrapper’s backup power using a newly purchased jetpack in Tower Of Fantasy.

Upon arrival at the tower, the machine offers its backup power as a sign of their camaraderie, and then asks to synchronize the latest geographical data of Astra. This leads to the unblocking of the first zone on the map, which warns the Scrapper about an approaching attack on the territory of the Astra ecological station.

The last step is to go to the marked place and defeat the enemies to get rewards for pre—registration, the first echo of the SR simulacrum and open the Tower of Fantasy gacha system.

Tower of Fantasy is available on PC and mobile devices.


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