Tower of Fantasy: How to Get a Dust Wheeler Car


With the advent of anime-themed role-playing games, Tower of Fantasy takes a step forward and allows players to customize their own characters. Then these characters will appear in a huge open world and explore it together with other MMO fans.

Since Tower of Fantasy has such a big world, the game should have attractions that make it easier for players to travel around the Aida map. Some of these vehicles are easy to get, for example 2613, which is a gift for pre-registration in Tower of Fantasy. However, some of them are not so simple, for example, Dust Wheeler Vehicle.

How to Get Dust Wheeler in Tower Of Fantasy

Dust Wheeler can only be obtained by reaching the rank of Grand Marshal in the Apex League. The PVP rating system determines the positions of the Wanderers in the leaderboard, where the private has the lowest rank and the Grand Marshal is the highest.

What is the Major League

Apex League is a two—round battle in which players can compete against each other, testing their best weapons in Tower of Fantasy. During PVP matches, players must defeat their opponent within 5 minutes, otherwise the arena will shrink over time.

To get a Dust Wheeler car, players need to better understand their characters and how they act together as a team. Creating the best team composition based on the available characters in the Fantasy Tower can be crucial in order to help players easily climb the rankings. In addition, using the resonance effect of weapons can be very useful in PVP battles. Each Resonance helps to decide what role a set of weapons will play, for example:

Balance (Take at least one weapon of any type. Increase the total damage and damage reduction by 5%, the effect of destruction and healing by 20%. In a team game, increase the total damage and damage reduction by 20%.) Durability (equip at least two activate defensive type weapons. Increase damage reduction by 25%, destruction by 60% and aggression by 800%. In a team game, additionally increase the damage reduction by 20%.) Attack (Equip at least two DPS type weapons to activate Increase the final damage by 10%, which increases to 40% in team play.) Blessing (Equip at least two auxiliary type weapons to activate. Increase healing by 100%, which is additionally increased by 100% in team play.)

What is Wheeler Dust in Tower Of Fantasy

Dust Wheeler is one of the most difficult to unlock Tower of Fantasy vehicles. The elegant and futuristic design of the rounded bike is surprisingly similar to the Cmeu-6 wheeled bicycle from Star Wars.

The text of Dust Wheeler in Tower of Fantasy describes the car as rough and attractive; and someone noticed that its antennae look like small tentacles, and everyone thought it was cute, which, in turn, attracted more buyers to the car.

Tower of Fantasy is now available on PC and mobile devices.


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