Tower Of Fantasy: How to delete your character and start over


A cool feature of Tower of Fantasy is that players can customize their own wanderer in an anime-inspired aesthetic, as well as get other unique characters through the Gacha system. The following article will help players who want to find out if it is possible to remove a character and start a new journey in Tower of Fantasy.

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How to delete a character and start over in Tower Of Fantasy

Unfortunately, there is no specific procedure that players can follow if they want to remove a character and start over. It’s really a bummer that wanderers are forced to use the same character in Tower of Fantasy without being able to start a new adventure, especially if they don’t like the current account. However, there are several methods that you can use to start over.

Choosing another server

The first way is to choose a completely different server. There are currently 116 servers in five regions, which means players can try out 116 customizable characters in Tower of Fantasy; 27 in Asia Pacific, 21 in North America, 30 in Europe, 18 in South America, and 20 in Southeast Asia.

Asia-Pacific region:

Cocoaiteruyo Food Fighter Sweetie Yaggdrasil Adventure Gomap Eden Fate Nova Ruby Babel Pluto Sushi Venus Galaxy Memory Oxygen Sakura Seeker Shinya Stella Uranus Utopia Jupiter Atlantis Daybreak Takoyaki

North America:

Frontier Solaris Starlight New Era The Glades Nightfall Libera Freedom-Oasis The Worlds Between Radiant Tempest Observer Lunalite Myriad Lighthouse Oumuamua Eternium Phantasy Sol-III Silver Bridge Azure Plane Nirvana


Transport Hub Lumina Magia Prigoda Aida Andoes Lycoris Omnium Prime Aimanium Alinfei Anomora Astora Valstamm Blumus Celestialraise Cosmos Dirnvin Elysium Excalibur Espoir IV Estrela Ether Ex Nikhilor Futuria Gesfest Midgard Iter Kuura Liramiel Magenta Olivine Turmus

South America:

Lyra Calodesma Seven Swans Hope Orion Luna Azul Tiamat Tanzanite Antlia Pegasus Phoenix Centaurus Cepheus Columba Corvus Cargo Hydra Ophiuchus

Southeast Asia:

Illyrians Mystiltaine Floriona Chandra Osillron Fantasia Mechafield Ethereal Dream Odyssey Aestral-Noah Saeri Airy Scarlet Gumi Gumi Fantasia Oriza Stardust Arcania Animus Valhalla

Choosing a different account

The second way is for those who want to continue playing on the same server with their friends. To do this, the wanderers must log into Tower of Fantasy under a different account than the original one. This allows players to explore and explore the vast world of Tower of Fantasy with the same teammates, but in a different account.

Tower of Fantasy is available on PC and mobile devices.


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