Tower of Fantasy: how to break cracked stone walls


Cracked stone walls are geological objects in Tower of Fantasy that players will encounter while traveling through the alien world of the game. While it’s possible to break down these walls and gain access to what’s behind them, standard weapons won’t be enough to do the job. Indeed, players will need something special to destroy the cracked stone walls in Tower of Fantasy, and this guide describes in detail how to get it.

Tower of Fantasy: how to break stone walls

To break the stone walls, players must receive a Rocket salvo. This relic is unlocked in Ruin A-01, a place that fans of free MMORPGs will have access to when they complete the main Tower of Fantasy quest. Players will also get a quick guide on how to use “Rocket Fire” when they open it, and they will be ready to start destroying the stone walls as soon as they finish their tasks in the Ruins and return outside.

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It should be noted that not far from the Ruins of A-01 there is a cracked stone wall, which gives an excellent opportunity to try out Missile Barrage. In particular, this wall is located to the northwest of the entrance to the Ruins, and the characters of the Fantasy Tower will reach it by crossing a small pond and following the path that is on the other side. After reaching these cracked stones, players must press the key combination assigned to “Rocket Fire”, which is indicated in the lower right corner of the screen, and watch as the relic begins to collapse.

As for what Tower of Fantasy players will find behind the cracked stone walls they break, these are chests. These chests probably contain gold and other currency, and fans can even earn research points for opening them. Considering how easy it is to overcome stone walls, players should not miss this opportunity to get easy rewards during their adventures.

While it’s not that hard to break down cracked stone walls, players will surely encounter more challenging puzzles while exploring the Fantasy Tower. For example, next to Ring of Echos there is a puzzle that requires fans of the gacha game to move between platforms, and next to Astra Shelter there is a puzzle dedicated to riddles. Unsurprisingly, you can get rewarded for solving these puzzles, and therefore players are encouraged to spend some time solving them.

Tower of Fantasy is available on mobile devices and PCs.


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