Tower of Fantasy: how to assemble FF79 alloy grease


Vehicles are an important aspect of Tower of Fantasy as they help players move easily from one area to another. Therefore, the care of these cars is necessary. One way to increase the level of the vehicle is maintenance, which can be performed by collecting lubricants from the FF79 alloy.

This is a compound lubricant that is crucial for raising the vehicle level in Tower of Fantasy, along with other equally important items. Fortunately for the wanderers, FF79 alloy grease can be obtained in various ways. Some of them are free and only require killing certain enemies, while others need a certain currency.

How to Assemble FF79 Alloy Grease in Tower Of Fantasy

FF79 Alloy Lubricant can be obtained in four different ways. Some depend on luck, while others will definitely reward the service item. These methods are:

Drops out of chests with passwords in Tower of Fantasy Drops out of enemies-mechs Purchased in the support store Purchased from the seller

Drops out of chests with passwords in Tower Of Fantasy

Password chests can be found almost anywhere in the vast world of Esperia in Tower of Fantasy. There are two types of password chests: T1 password chests (blue) and T2 password chests (purple). The first requires a blue key to unlock, whereas the second requires a purple key.

The easiest way to collect all types of keys is to complete daily contracts and weekly missions. This way, Travelers will never have to worry about decrypting chests with passwords. They are mostly scattered across Tower of Fantasy Astra and Banges. With this method, obtaining FF79 Alloy Lubricant mainly depends on the luck of the players.

Defeat the mech enemies in Tower Of Fantasy

Mechs are enemies resembling machines, such as Hetlu and Okka of the Four Forces. They can be found in Navia, and FF79 alloy grease is very likely to fall out of them. However, since the enemies in the game respawn after a short time, players can look for a good place to farm and keep repeating the progress until they have the desired amount of FF79 Alloy Lubricant.

Purchased from the Tower Of Fantasy Support store

By clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and selecting the “Shop” option, Travelers can enter the support store and buy FF79 alloy lubricant. Each is worth 50 support points — this is the store’s currency, which can be obtained by joining the team and helping other players. The number of lubricants that can be purchased at the support store is unlimited.

Purchased from a seller in Tower Of Fantasy

In Banges Dock on the second floor there is a merchant (Claude) who sells useful items such as FF79 alloy grease. However, there is a restriction on the purchase of this service item. Players can only buy 10 coins per week, one of which costs 500 gold coins.

If the seller is hard to find, players can simply click on the FF79 alloy lubricant in the backpack, and then select the “Item Seller in Banges” option to mark his location on the map in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy is now available on PC and mobile devices.


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