Tougher than Natti Natasha! Cardi B adjusts the top to show off her steel abdomen

Tougher than Natti Natasha! Cardi B adjusts the top to show off her steel abdomen.
The singer showed what it is made of (again).

Barely 27 years old has the famous Belcalis Almánzar, better known in fame as Cardi B, and already stands out for having a lot of talent. Just in case we tell you that she is an American rapper, actress and composer who is triumphing in urban music.

The singer was also working in the film world with Jennifer López in the filming of “Hustlers” personifying a scammer who moves in nightclubs, so it is presumed that she does not only stay in music but is ambitious in the art.

Everyone knows that her fame is due to Cardi B rapping like no other. She improvises as the best and with a really devastating attitude, while using the most daring looks to make it show that she has a really steel body, obviously based on strict training.

Now the celebrity shared in their networks a short video in which it can be seen in action while distilling her urban poetry, with a white top that reveals the toughest abdomen of all … worthy of dethroning Natti Natasha.

And the other detail of the video that fans did not let go is the tremendous length of their nails: impossible to grab absolutely anything with the size of the sculpted of the famous singer.

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