Touching Moment: Elsa Pataky Aged Early For Chris Hemsworth As He May Get Alzheimer’s Disease


Have you ever imagined what the people around you will look like when they get old? Usually people don’t do this because we never want our loved ones to get old. But you’ll be surprised to learn that Chris Hemsworth has taken up the challenge and experienced something new in his project with National Geographic.

Last year, the Australian actor appeared in a show that revealed many unknown truths about the human body. The 39-year-old actor appeared on the show as a subject, and one of the segments also featured his wife Elsa Pataky. But what happened in the series that brought the actor to tears and will make you cry too?

Why did Chris Hemsworth choose “Limitless”?

Last year was huge for Hemsworth, as his ambitious Taiki Waititi project “Thor: Love and Thunder” was released. However, the film did not receive the huge love it was hoping for. However, don’t worry, as there is something else that has caught the public’s attention, in Hemsworth’s stars.

In 2022, the Thor star worked on a National Geographic project called Limitless with Chirs Hemsworth. The show was undoubtedly as unique and “limitless” as its name. It is reported that he appeared on our screens in November last year. This challenges what we humans know about the potential hidden in the human body and its ability to age.

According to Your Tango, the ultimate goal of this documentary series was to “unlock our body’s superpowers.” The most emotional segment was when Hemsworth discovered that in the near future he would be exposed to his biggest fear, which is a genetic predisposition to Alzheimer’s disease. The irony is that Thor, played by the actor himself, is more than 1,500 years old, and he remembers everything perfectly.

However, his wife and team came up with a plan according to which she dressed and made up like an old version of herself. Later, she surprised Hemsworth with this, which made the actor cry. The most beautiful reaction he came up with was “Still beautiful.”

The actor decided to take a break from his acting career after he was diagnosed with a possible illness. He has decided to spend more time with his family and has no plans to return at all. Let’s hope that the gene that causes Alzheimer’s disease does not become dominant, and we will see Hemsworth in the image of Thor for more than 1,500 years.

What do you think of his wife’s stunning but hilarious actions? Let us know in the comments below.


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