Touch ID under the screen can reach the next iPhone


Twitter user @ L0vetodream, a well-known informant for leaks about Apple, indicated by means of a post the possible return of Touch ID in a new version under the display. The rumor gains relevance with the user’s record of hits, as well as the evidence that Apple has been working on patents for this technology since May 2019.

In the enigmatic original tweet, the message reads: “MESA uts for iPhones”, MESA being Apple’s internal code name for Touch ID and “uts”, supposedly, “under the screen” (“under the screen”, translated from English). Although the user “@ L0vetodream” has an accuracy of 87.9% in 91 rumors about the company’s devices – according to the Apple Track website – the novelty should still be treated as speculation, given the possibility of changes in plans or false leaks.

Likewise, leaks since May 2019 indicate that Apple is testing different technologies for its version of the digital screen reader. In a new patent, a functionality quite similar to Face ID is indicated, however, for digital. Unlike what is found in current on-screen models, the Apple version would supposedly be able to read fingerprints without the need to touch the screen, within a reasonable distance from the sensor – which would make it possible to immediately unlock applications only with the proximity of the finger at a specific location on the device.

With the recent coronavirus pandemic and the trend in the use of masks, the return of this function is quite expected by many users of the brand. The new facial equipment, such as faceshields and masks, end up partially compromising the functionality of Face ID, the main method of unlocking and security in the new iPhone models.

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