Touch ID at the bottom of the iPhone screen


Apple received on Tuesday (8) a new patent related to the Touch ID fingerprint reader under the iPhone screen. Registered in 2018 and published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, patent number 10,768,751 was reported by Patently Apple, which in the past identified four other such patents granted to the company.

This could be Apple’s alternative to remove the clipping from the Face ID facial reader and then create a smartphone with better use of the screen. As it is a patent, this does not mean that Apple has plans to launch a product of the type in the near future.

With the coronavirus pandemic (Sars-Cov-2), the biometric reader under the screen would solve the problem of Face ID of not recognizing users’ faces to do the unlocking and authentications, for example.

The patent also indicates that the technology covers devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and MacBook. She states that it is necessary to have an optical image sensor, detection circuit and metallization layers above this.

Larger area, more agility

An important aspect of the new patent is the area designed for the functioning of biometric reading. Instead of being positioned in just a specific location, as in the ‘Home’ button, the sensor would cover most of the screen.

Thus, fingerprint recognition would happen more fluidly when unlocking the device. In addition, it could also improve the application authentication experience, as the user would not need to reposition their finger.

It would be the case, for example, that the user is browsing an application, such as a bank, and his fingerprint is read while he uses the cell phone normally.


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