Totally in love: This is how Kaley Cuoco met her boyfriend


Someone is head over heels in love! At the beginning of the year, Kaley Cuoco (36) went through a difficult period in her life after her divorce from ex-husband Carl Cook (31). Fortunately, that time is over. Because the actress is again happily assigned to Tom Pelfrey (40). Just two weeks ago, she and her co-star even made their red carpet debut as a couple at the Emmy Awards. Now Kaylee said in an interview that for them it was love at first sight!

Celebrating the premiere of her new movie “Meet Honey” in New York, Kaylee revealed some new details about her relationship with Tom. In the talk show “Entertainment Tonight”, she said that she met the actor of “Ozark” through their mutual manager. The “Big Bang Theory” actress was invited to the season premiere in April as a guest. “I arrived there and was so excited. Then we met – it was love at first sight!”, she said.

Kaylee and Tom officially announced their relationship via Instagram only in May. With a series of photos, the pretty blonde shared with her fans her love for Tom. Under the post she then wrote: “The sun breaks through the clouds, golden rays glide into the eyes and heart, yellow rays break through the gray.”


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